Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brookfield Zoo

We made our first visit of the year to Brookfield Zoo. Gavin talked for days about seeing the macaws, below.  But then, the other birds in the exhibit were flying around a little too enthusiastically and he only wanted to watch them from the other side of the screen door.

Gavin loved the dolphin show, and decided we should sit in the very top row.  Funny, I used to make my grandma climb all the way to the top row, too!

We didn't get to the bug exhibit that day, but we looked at the giant bee statue in the fountain:

Gavin climbed and slid along this railing.  Why walk when you can do something that requires more energy?

Friday, May 25, 2012

After-School Fun

After spending the morning at Gavin's school, Grandpa came back home with us.  Now that the weather is nice, Gavin loves to put the convertible top down:

Time for a golf lesson!

Gavin had a great shot!

After lunch, the guys attached Grandpa's new license plate.  Gavin was a big help!

Spelling Evie's name:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Evie's School Garden

Some of the teachers at the twins' preschool wanted to do something to rememember Evie.  We all decided on a memorial garden, with a birdbath and a stone carved with her name.  She was in the Bluebird Room, after all, and she loved being a "bluebird!"  We decided to set it up in the spring, and since I had a volunteer day coming up, we did it then.

I started out with Gavin's class.  I have never seen him more excited to get ready for school.  Usually we have an argument over getting dressed in the mornings, but not that day!  Gavin kept saying," Let's go!  I'm so excited!"

While kids are arriving, and before circle time, they play with "table toys."

Next it was Motor time.  The Cat class rides bikes on Tuesdays (the day I was there):

Then it was time to plant.  Both the Cat room and Bluebird room helped plant flowers by Evie's birdbath.

Thank goodness Mrs. Kelleher, the kids' speech therapist, is a gardener!  She helped to keep things organized:

The garden is right outside the windows of the Bluebird Room.  Grandpa Cermak brought the banner that he hangs up at his softball games:

All finished!

Gavin helped water a little more:

After we planted, the kids from both classes sang a song about gardening, and how each of us is a flower.  It was a sweet morning! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cafe and Play

Last week we met up with Gavin's friend Nick at Cafe and Play.  This is a new indoor play place that is really close to our house.  We had been there once and Gavin loved it, so I have been telling friends about it.

Nick used to live two doors down from us, but now lives in Aurora.  The boys play really nicely together and Gavin misses having him so close.  They also both have springtime allergies, so indoor activities are good right now.

I was surprised Gavin managed to fit into this toy car!

We had a great time and will definitely be back!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Last week we met up with Felix and Pierre at Kidstreet (aka Grounds For Hope Cafe).  The boys were in constant motion, so I didn't get many good pictures!

Here are Pierre and Gavin inside the giant climbing structure:

The boys taught Gavin a game called Strawberry Shortcake, where one of them pretends to be a lemon (the bad guy) and the others are grapes or other fruit.  Between that and other games they made up, they all had a great time!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pizza Party!

The Cat Classroom had a pizza party last week, to celebrate the end of their pizza unit.  The kids made a "restaurant" that they named Pizza Planet, and they all helped serve their parents.  This is their little pizza assembly line:

Gavin was one of the cheese servers:

While our pizzas were cooking, the kids read a story called "Pete's A Pizza:"

Gavin watched me eat my pizza (notice the tables have red-checked tablecloths!):

This is Gavin's speech therapist, Mrs. Kelleher.  She is amazing with the kids,  and so sweet.  She worked with Evie last year, as well.  Gavin always notices her necklaces, and tells her he likes the ones that are purple (his favorite color), so she wears purple on the days she is in the Cat Room!

We had a great time in the Cat Room!  I liked my pizza.  Francis requested a special one with ONLY cheese.  The pizza unit lasted for six weeks, and now they are doing a unit on The Very Hungry Caterpillar.