Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Visit With Uncle David

Uncle David came over to play with the kids the other morning. Gavin loves the new Sesame Street house so much, he wanted to play with it during breakfast. Uncle David made all the little characters knock on the front doors and windows.

Auntie Clare got Evie a tea set for Christmas, but guess who is more interested in it right now? Gavin loves to pour tea into both teacups, clink the cups together, and gulp down the tea with whoever is near him. And when Uncle David is here, don't forget to burp!

David helped Evie peek at me around the wall - she was thrilled!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Visit With Dan

On Christmas Eve morning, our good friend Dan came over for a visit. Dan is a pretty good cook, so he and Gavin worked out a little recipe on the Fisher Price stove... don't look too closely but that's Piglet in the pot (it was Dan's idea - Francis)!

Dan and Gavin chill out on the couch:

We all read a Sesame Street story:

Evie relaxes on the couch with Dan:

Dan taught Gavin how to clink their cups together and say "cheers!" Well, Gavin didn't actually say "cheers," but he was in great spirits anyway!

Thanks for stopping to see us during your whirlwind week back in Illinois, Dan. We love you!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow Day!

The day after Christmas, it snowed ALL day. We ventured outside in the afternoon to see if the kids would like it. Gavin was intrigued with the sled, but Evie wouldn't get on it. In fact, she wouldn't stand on the snow at all.

Evie was interested in the snow at first, but as soon as some of the falling snow actually touched her face, she got mad.

Gavin enjoyed pushing the snow off of the car, the bushes, the outdoor lights - luckily it was very powdery so it was easy for him to push.

Eventually, Gavin decided to pull the sled himself:

He also had to get out every wheeled toy we have. He wanted to push them and ride on them just like he does in the summer:

Evie and I had gone inside by this point. Gavin had a lot of fun, and Francis had a lot of clean up!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

On Christmas morning, we got up early (as usual) and drove through the rain to the Naperville Eggsperience Cafe. We met Nana and Grandpa Cermak and Auntie Clare there for a delicious breakfast. Evie and Gavin didn't feel like eating much except toast, and they weren't too interested in coloring, but they enjoyed the bright colors of the restaurant.

"We're happy with our cups, thank you very much. Maybe we'll eat eggs next time!"

When Gavin got restless, Grandpa entertained him with Auntie Clare's mitten:

When we got home, we started opening presents:

Evie enjoyed reviewing the year in Nana's Legendary Twins 2010 calendar:

Nana and Auntie Clare entertained the kids by singing Christmas Carols:

Then it was naptime, so we took a break from opening the gifts. Evie and Gavin took long naps, and Gavin woke up first. Grandpa told him his own version of the "Three Little Pigs:"

Back to opening presents! One of Gavin's favorites was this pot and pan set:

Evie's favorite thing was a rocking, barking dog that Grandpa found at Walgreens:

The kids received an "Elmo Live" doll from Auntie Clare. We are still learning all the things it can do!

This Sesame Street playhouse was a big hit, and also the most difficult thing for Francis to open!

"I hope you thoroughly enjoy that Sesame Street house, Gavin!"

As I type this, we still have not finished opening gifts. The kids just got overwhelmed with all the activity, and wanted to play with the new things that were already open. They made out like bandits with clothes and toys, and we are very thankful to our families and friends for their generosity!
(Scroll down for our Christmas Eve photos!)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Following our Christmas Eve tradition, we shared a delicous meal with Grandma and Grandpa Cordes at their house, along with Uncles David and Brad, and Auntie Di and Uncle Kevin. Grandma's table looked so beautiful that I had to take a picture of it:

Gavin enjoyed the push toys as usual:

Gavin climbed up on the couch to cuddle with his Auntie:

Daddy and the twins hang out by the chips (note that Gavin and Daddy match):

Evie fed Uncle David a chip:

Evie and Gavin have discovered the review function on the camera. Uncle David shows her a picture of her that he just took:

Looking at the iPhone:

Starting to unwrap gifts - Gavin loved this one, a toy microwave from Uncle David:

Gift wrap and presents everwhere!

Here's Evie in her Christmas dress. We got her hair trimmed last week and I made a special trip to Pink Hippo Hair Bows to get her the red bows:

Gavin enjoyed Grandma's cabinets, which don't have latches:

Evie thinks, "Hmm, what mischief can I get into without Santa knowing?"

Watch this space...Christmas Day photos will follow!