Monday, January 20, 2014

Kindergarten Open House

Gavin's school had an open house last week, and he was very excited to bring me there! We went to his classroom and received a checklist of activities to do while we were there! And Gavin was determined to do ALL of them. 

We visited the Art room - this heart was done by his class:

We spent the majority of out time in his room. Here is the "Smart Board"  - the kids all love it:

Here is a snowman he made...

And this is the story that goes with the snowman. In kindergarten, the kids are encouraged to spell phonetically, so I will translate.  It says: "At night my snowman he celebrates the first day of winter!"

Gavin and his friend, Claire:

I had to find his seat, looking only for his "smile:"

The kids made puzzles and we put it together:

The finished product:

We also visited the library, gym, and music teacher. It was so much fun!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Snow Days

Gavin's school was cancelled on Monday and Tuesday, due to the record cold. Monday morning was minus 17, wind chill minus 42! Tuesday was only a few degrees better.

We stayed home and built several Lego sets:

Here are some pictures of our downtown area:

We made it up to 27 today - feels balmy!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Green Belt Test

Gavin still loves Tae Kwan Do, and on the Friday before Christmas he got to test for the next belt level.  He was at the third level (orange) and moved up to green! We are so proud of him!

Here he got to do his favorite thing - break a board:

 Getting his new belt tied on: