Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Praying for Grandma

Last week Sharon's mom (Grandma Cordes) was very suddenly hospitalized with what seems to be colon cancer. We are all praying for her and need as many prayers as all of you can send us!!!!
Sharon's Aunt Jeanne & Uncle Bob made a special stop in town on their way back from Seattle (visiting cousin Mark). While they were here to see Grandma, they stopped by to meet the twins:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend fun

The last week has been a little crazy (more on that in a future post) so here are some random photos from the last 2 weekends:

Gavin & Mommy in matching outfits.

Evie strikes her "young senator" pose. Francis stood in a similar pose when he just a tiny baby, and his Nana Cermak declared that he looked just like a young senator.

Aunt Clare and Gavin

Aunt Clare and Evie

Evie grabs Grandpa's chin

The twins and their Cermak grandparents. Nana is wearing a corsage for her birthday.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New toys

The twins love their new Chime Garden toy. We're hoping it will encourage them to sit up a bit more and play with it, but so far they still need the Boppy for extra support. Thanks again to twin buddies Felix & Pierre for the idea!

Evie loves her crinkly Emily doll from Grandma Cordes!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Becoming Buddies, Part 2

Evie decided to try out the highchair...I am not feeding her in it yet, though. She is such a busybody that when I do feed her, I have to sit her in her Bumbo seat, facing the wall. and hold her arms so that she doesn't twist around to see what Gavin is doing!

Gavin got to try squash, and he likes it more than carrots!

"Gavin, I heard the word surgery again! I don't want to go back to that hospital!"

"Don't worry Evie. Look how strong you are now! You can almost sit up by yourself, and I can't do that yet. You'll be fine, sis - I'll take care of you."

"OK, Gavin. You're such a good listener! I'm just going to pull on your ear for a while."

"Hey Evie, Mommy has some new cookies on the counter. When she's not looking, let's grab 'em!"

"Sounds good Gavin. I love cookies! For now though, I am happy to hang out with you in our pack-n-play."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Becoming Buddies

The twins have been interacting more and more in the last few weeks. They still like to grab bibs and ears, and also like to touch each other's faces. And of course, everything goes into their mouths, including each others hands!

The twins are really enjoying their Elmo doll. Good thing he's big enough to share!

Here, Gavin is encouraging Evie during her tummy time.

They like to look at each other when they are in their swing and jumper. Don't you wonder what they are talking about?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Video Day

It's Sharon... sometimes the videos don't load properly whern I am updating the blog (due to problems in the blogger program). On Saturday though, videos were loading with no problems so I took advantage of it! Here are several that I have been trying to post:

Evie has been kicking a lot - I think she looks like she is practicing to do a Irish jig here:

Gavin has been making all kinds of sounds in his jumper. The next two videos will give you an idea of what my days sound like!

Here's another one of Evie kicking her Tiny Love mobile:

Evie is determined to get her two cents in, as long as Gavin is happy to listen!

Here, Evie is very interested in the fox toy that Gavin has...

"Hmm, I think I want that fox, Gavin."

"What do you mean, it's yours?"

Evie: "Give me that fox, little brother!"
Gavin: "Did you know Mommy is watching, Evie?"

"Ok, I changed my mind. Here, you keep it."

And here's the video to go with it the pictures!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday Cuteness

Evie went to see her cardiologist yesterday, and she now weighs 11 lbs, 15 oz! Her cardiologist & nurse said she looked fantastic, the "best they've ever seen her." Her color is good, her blood-oxygenation level is good, and she is getting chunky. Her cardiologist is now getting in touch with the team at Christ Hospital to schedule her next surgery. Here some of the week's cute photos!

Gavin tries on Daddy's "1UP" baseball hat.

Then he decided to ditch the hat and read about colors with Grandma Cordes.

Evie is playing "The Legend of Zelda" (with a little help from Daddy). Francis says, "You have to start them off with the classics!"

Evie is getting so big!

Since Evie has discovered her feet, we've been putting longer socks on her so she can't pull them off as easily.

Not to be outdone by his sister, Gavin learned how to grab his feet too!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life from the Pack-N-Play

We never know what will happen when the twins are in their pack-n-play. Here's a series of photos of Gavin deciding Evie's bib would be a great toy!
(You can also see some of their newest toys here: Gavin's crinkly crocodile and Evie's Tiny Love Clip & Go musical mobile).

And here's a short video to go with it:

More about me... by Gavin

Hi everyone, it's Gavin. On Sunday I had a busy day! Mommy gave me a new food called carrots. I didn't know what to think of them. They are so different from oatmeal (my favorite)!

Mommy ate a spoonful of them and said they were good, but I'm still not so sure. She can eat the carrots if she thinks they're good! She said the next flavor I can try is something called "squash". Maybe I'll like that better -it sure has a funny name!

Then I helped Daddy make a marinade for another food called steak.

That steak looked really good, but Mommy said I have to wait a while before I can try it.

Then while the steak was marinating, Daddy and I looked at the Sunday ads. What a great day!