Thursday, April 29, 2010

Box Top Baby

Last weekend we helped Uncle Kevin celebrate his birthday a little early. When I told Evie that we were going over to Auntie Di and Uncle Kevin's house, she smiled and signed "cat," because she just loves her cat cousins!

Evie patiently waited for Gavin to wake up so that we could go visit the cats:

While were there, Uncle David had the idea to put Evie in a box. That box is usually a cat-resting spot, but it quickly became Evie's car / throne:

Uncle Brad and Uncle David pushed Evie all around the house in that box. They carried her around in it too. Evie wanted to bring it home, but we vetoed that idea due to Francis' cat allergies.

When Evie wanted chips, David put the box on a kitchen chair.

Gavin played with Auntie Di's exercise ball:

Evie and (two of) her uncles:

Uncle Kevin, have a happy birthday today! We sure enjoyed playing at your house!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gavin and Daddy

Gavin enjoyed more bonding time with Daddy this weekend. He tried bonding with Evie too, but one look at her face and you can tell what she thought of that:

Daddy and Gavin played Game Boy:

Then it was time to play with trains:

Time for an extra big hug! "I love you Daddy!"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tool Time Storytime

Last week we went to the library for "Tool Time Storytime." We sang songs and read books about tools and building things ("Old MacDonald Had a Workshop," anyone?).

While we were waiting for it to start, Gavin hopped on the computer to search the online catalog for his favorite books:

All the kids got construction hats! Evie didn't want anything to do with hers until two days later.

After the songs and stories, the kids could make a craft...Gavin lost interest after about 60 seconds. Evie wasn't interested at all, but she enjoyed watching Gavin.

Here is Evie with her hat on...2 days later:

On the way home from storytime we got to see some big trucks. It seems like all of the main roads in Naperville are under construction. That is actually a good thing, when we are not running late. Evie and Gavin LOVE all the busy trucks. Here are some at the intersection of 75th and Washington.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Updates on Evie

We have started taking Evie to see a pediatric pulmonologist, at the recommendation of her cardiologist. Since Evie does not have a good network of blood vessels in her lungs, he wanted to see if this new doctor could help her out. The pulmomologist put her on a steriod to help build up and strengthen her lungs, and also prescribed a rescue medication if she is coughing alot.

She has to take both medications through her nebulizer, and she has a cute fish mask to wear. At first she didn't like it, but now she just relaxes and breathes in!

I also had to take Evie for bloodwork that both her cardiologist and pulmonologist requested. We also had to do this two weeks ago, and Evie remembered it. As soon as we walked into the little room with the big chair for me to sit in and hold her, she started crying. Fortunately, the nurse was quick - unfortunately, Evie coughed the whole way home and I had to give her the rescue medication when we got there.

Also unfortunately, the lab was not able to run all the tests because her blood was hemolyzed (during the process of drawing the blood, some blood cells burst). We had to go back again the next day for the nurse to draw more blood.
Poor Evie!!! Luckily she didn't get quite as upset the second time.

The one good part about being at the hospital was the big fishtank in the outpatient area. The kids saw a fish that reminded them of Dory (from Finding Nemo), so we ended on a good note.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Cuteness

Here are some random photos from last week:

Gavin helped Francis make muffins:

Big smiles:

Pointing out ducks on the Riverwalk:

Reading with Daddy:

Gavin's super-curly hair after his nap:

Gavin's new Clifford doll:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gavin and Daddy

Gavin has been "all about Daddy" lately. He asks for Da-Da frequently during the day. He thinks Francis can fix ANYTHING...which is sweet and funny. Below, Francis took one of Gavin's cars apart to try to figure out why the wheels weren't turning. Gavin was fascinated:

Unfortunately, the car couldn't be fixed - but it was good father-son bonding!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Demolition Evie

While Gavin was napping, Evie started playing with our "Cars - the movie" car collection. She especially enjoyed using the yellow bulldozer to push all the other cars around. She also has developed kind of an extended giggle...and a definite "Ha!" when she is pleased with herself.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Cuteness

The other day Evie and Gavin woke up from naps in a fun and silly mood:

This is their "stinky" face - the face they make to tell me they have a load in their diapers:

Big smiles!

They were hugging their toy cars, then dropping them on the floor. Ahh, toddlers!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last weekend it was a beautiful sunny day and we went to go watch one of Grandpa Cermaks's softball games. He is an assistant coach for the Downers Grove South freshman girls fast-pitch softball team.

Gavin loved walking on the bleachers... kind of like a big balance beam! Nana was there to hold his hand:

Evie gets her hands on a softball...

...and tosses it! Go Evie!

The next best thing to walking on bleachers is... tapping on them. Gavin and Auntie Clare tap on the bleachers:

Attached to Grandpa: Look closely and you'll see that Gavin is hugging Grandpa's leg and Evie is clutching his sweatshirt!

Our friend Katy and her daughter Paige also stopped by to watch. Here is Paige looking stylish in her Puma outfit.

Paige played ball with her mom, Katy, and Auntie Clare:

Paige and Gavin tried to do a fist bump and throw the ball at the same time:

Gavin was fascinated with the soccer nets:

Coach Cermak in action at 3rd base:

Gavin made himself at home in Nana's chair and tried to drink from Auntie Clare's water bottle:

Evie liked being right by the fence to watch all the action:

When Evie got tired, she just leaned on Daddy:

I think the twins loved their first softball game. We will definitely be going back again soon!

We also want to wish Nana Cermak a very Happy Birthday today! We hope you have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clifford Visits Storytime

Last week we went to a special storytime at the library... Clifford the Big Red Dog came to visit! The librarian read books about Clifford and Clifford danced with the kids.

This was our first experience with a large, costumed character (except for the Easter Bunny, who Evie and Gavin only wanted to view from afar). It was also the twins' introduction to Clifford, as we didn't have Clifford books. Evie and Gavin were super excited when Clifford walked into the room and they couldn't stop waving and smiling at him.

When it was time for the kids to hug Clifford, Gavin just couldn't wait. We were the first ones in the line.

Evie thought she wanted to hug him, then changed her mind pretty quickly:

We got in line again and waited for another turn. Gavin hugged Clifford again and again, and gave him high-5's and patted his nose.

Gavin could have hugged Clifford all day. He got upset when Clifford had to leave, and the whole way home he asked for "more Clifford."

When the kids woke up from naps, we headed to a bookstore and bought a Clifford book. It made Gavin feel a little better, but he hasn't stopped asking for "more Clifford!"