Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Year's Eve

Yes, I am WAY behind. I warned you that I was! Better late than never...

This New Year's Eve, I took Gavin to the Bubble Bash at DuPage Children's Museum. We've never attended this event before because it costs twice as much as regular admission. BUT we haven't gone in 12 months, since they had a frozen pipe and resulting flood that kept them closed for the majority of 2015. We wanted to see the new renovations and see which of our favorite things were still there.


The big duck spilling tank is gone, and now there are several smaller water stations. Gavin and 4 other boys made sure the ducks fell down repeatedly:

This thing below was like a Nerf dart, that would get set up and then a kid would jump on a pedal to make it fly.

Trying to jump hard enough to make a ball fly up:


This, below, is part of the electricity center. Gavin calls it "The Control Panel" and it is his favorite thing in the entire museum. He will spend 30 minutes up there, working all the levers and controls and pretending he is piloting a spaceship on an intergalactic mission (or something). We were delighted that it survived the flood!

More fun with bubbles:

Former Mayor Pradel and current Mayor Chirico were there. Mayor Pradel did the countdown to noon, then bubbles and inflatable balls were dropped. It was crowded but a lot of fun!

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